Not Just Another Zoom: Meet Wurkr, your go-to remote working platform

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Not Just Another Zoom: Meet Wurkr, your go-to remote working platform

Wurkr is an innovative, fast-growing start-up disrupting the remote and flexi working industry through advanced video technology, flexibility and a focus on employee wellbeing. It was founded to provide a truly new way of working, with the goal of becoming the go-to platform of choice for distributed teams wanting to work together in a fully engaged, collaborative and immersive way online that replicates a physical workspace. The virtual workspace allows you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues in different rooms using the audio, video, messaging and screen sharing features. 

However, Wurkr is not just another Zoom platform. It is differentiated in the market as it solves the productivity and isolation constraints that exist with traditional ‘remote’ working models. Our virtual workspaces are more than just video conferencing platforms.  Instead, we offer an immersive experience that truly replicates a physical workspace online. Your team can seamlessly work together from the same virtual office, allowing for spontaneous interactions and treasured watercooler moments that traditional video conferencing platforms can’t replicate. 

Non-traditional working set ups, e.g. remote working, WFH or hybrid work, have become a part of our new normal. Nonetheless, some workers have found the switch to be difficult as they find it hard to unplug from work, to collaborate with their colleagues and find remote working to be distracting and isolating which can be detrimental to one’s mental health. Wurkr has listened to these pain points and created solutions within our platform. 


Digital Transformation

Wurkr fully replicated the physical workplace experience virtually for an inclusive, flexible and realistic work environment.  Businesses no longer need to be constrained by office space or location. It is a SaaS enabled video platform modernising the long-term future of work by helping businesses expedite their digital transformation and creating cohesive, connected teams. An easy to deploy platform, Wurkr has the in-built scalability to enable significant and rapid expansion. This helps engaging and communicating with distributed and remote workforce. Working from anywhere helps organisations save costs (potentially 100% cost benefits). In just two years, Wurkr’s digital workplace innovation has helped over 800 clients and 24,000 subscribers. In the long run it can help sustain business growth, collaboration and employee culture – as already experienced by a growing happy customer base including KNOWNFOUR, Virtual Team Heroes, and HiveMind.

As an intra-company tool, Wurkr drastically breaks down silos and reduces interdepartmental barriers. Based on the Cloud, the Wurkr platform is quick and easy to deploy. Have your teams working together within hours as though they were physically in the same space.


Wurkr Wellness

Wurkr WellnessThe industry is seeing an increasing focus on internal, employee-centric engagement and a fulfilling employee experience. Wurkr can enable greater wellbeing by reducing loneliness while boosting work life integration. Just like physical offices, Wurkr virtual offices promote wellness in the workplace. Our wellness messages remind workers to take short breaks and unplug from work so that they can avoid the dreaded feeling of burnout. Our platform  empowers people to feel like valued team members, to communicate and co-create with their colleagues from wherever they happen to be located at the time – with the click of a button on an end-to-end tech-backed platform. 

Wurkr also promotes teamwork and teambuilding which in turn reduces loneliness. Your office can also be used for team activities, like virtual yoga classes or health lunchtime cook-a-longs. Think of your workspace as a multipurpose space. Not only does it function as your team’s office and coworking space but also as an interactive place to recreate those ever so treasured watercooler moments. 


Unplug from work

Unplug from work - Break RoomMany remote workers feel unable to disconnect from their jobs, either for breaks or at the end of the day. With Wurkr it’s simple! Log in in the morning and unplug by logging off at the end of your workday. In addition, we try to encourage Wurkrs to take frequent short breaks to boost productivity and mental health. Productivity and employee wellbeing does not come from being chained up to your desk all day. Just like physical offices, virtual workplaces should be social environments. Each office comes equipped with a Games Room and a Break Room to allow employees to catch up and take a break from their busy schedules. 


Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration - WurkrSay goodbye to endless email chains with Zoom or Teams invitations. By having all your colleagues in one virtual space, team communication and collaboration has never been easier. In addition to audio, video, messaging and screen sharing, we have even more features to enable seamless teamwork and communication. Our status updates allow you to let your teammates know what you are up to.. We have some default statuses as well as the option of writing your own. Moreover, the new traffic light availability system allows you to see how busy your colleagues are throughout the day so you can catch up with ease. That’s not all… Inviting team members is quick and easy too. There is no need for personalized links, one link fits all. However, your office isn’t only for your team. You can send guest invites so that you can host your own meetings with external guests in your virtual office.


Dreaded Distractions

All offices come with their own distractions. However, Wurkr allows you to limit their effect on your productivity. Our mute feature allows you to silence a room so that you can focus on the task at hand without any interruptions from your colleagues. Moreover, you can limit further distractions using our traffic light availability system and by updating your status. This way you can let your colleagues know that you are not to be distrubed, so that you are not distracted. Nonetheless, it must be noted that working in silence can be extremely daunting. However, we have created productivity playlists on Spotify to help our Wurkr’s concentrate without being in complete silence. 


Tech For Good

Tech For Good - WurkrHowever, Wurkr does not only focus on employee wellbeing but the wellbeing of our planet. We are  an environmentally responsible business with sustainability at the core of its ethos. Not only does working remotely reduce your carbon footprint due to booting the commute and less wasted single use plastic and paper, but we also have partnered with One Tree Planted to make your virtual workspace that bit more greener. We plant a tree for every office created as a means to give back to our environment and promote a Tech For Good ethos. 

On balance, Wurkr does not limit itself to being just another video conferencing platform. We are replicating the physical workplace online whilst also taking care of our Wurkr’s and the environment. Work From Home… Remote Working… Hybrid Working… Whatever your working style, Wurkr helps you work together from anywhere. Sign up for your own virtual workspace today.

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